Dan finished work…Part one

Finished! Hurrah, let’s celebrate by going on a walk and getting sunburnt – Feuerkogel it is.

So we headed out on the bus to Ebensee and walked up the hill to the cable car where we enjoyed the steep journey up the mountain accompanied by the restaurants supplies of fresh fruit, tins of goulash and frozen meat.

We decided to make a day of the walk by first heading up to Europa Cross and then hiking across country to a local restaurant stop. There was still some snow on the higher points of the mountain and it made going a little treacherous and somewhat reminiscent of our trip in Montenegro (Bobotov Kuk) when we started at lower heights in green meadows and ended in snow clad-hills.

The scenery was absolutely beautiful and we went through many different layers of alpine fauna as we hiked up the mountain, even had to pause on one of the trails to let a snake slither its way across the footpath.

Luckily we made it back to the cable car stop just in time to take the final transit down – which after 6-hours walking was really lucky as we had no idea that it was the last chance being only 5.30pm when darkness doesn’t set in until 8pm or 9pm. Then we remembered where we were – ah yes, Austria, everything closes early.

Here’s a link to some stunning Austrian scenery from our hike: Feuerkogel Pictures


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