Ankara: Part one

Turkey has much for the tourist including magnificent beaches, high mountains, a stunning coastline, fabulous early Christian churches and busy rivers – however none of these are in Ankara. Hey ho, we are here to work 🙂

Two back to back CELTA courses (4 weeks each plus an Eid holiday) mean we have around nine weeks in Ankara. Although we don’t have too much free time during the  week we still get a chance to explore at weekends, so we’ve tried to make the most of it.

As well as spending a lot of time catching up with the latest films as there is a local cinema practically next to our house, we have checked out what Ankara has to offer. Essentially it has been Turkey’s political capital since 1923 and is clearly not a city designed to delay tourists for too long.

There is an attractive castle which sits in the older quarter of the city and gives nice views into the bowl into which Ankara sits. Also a pretty park, Gençlik, which attracts a huge number of people at weekends thanks to the funfair, man-made lagoon complete with performing fountains and lots of cafes selling typical meaty Turkish food and water,  liquid being essential as temperatures have been scorching during our first month.

We have also visited the Natural History Museum which is a new option to Ankara’s growing cultural scene. It’s not exactly a threat to the Natural History Museum in London but has some nice fossils and displays, one of them which tries to eat you (see pics for explanation).

Workwise the course was a great success and congratulations to all 18 candidates who passed and allowed us to join in their final day celebrations! Well done team.

Here’s a link to some pictures from our first month in Ankara: Ankara Pictures


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