Two seasons, two days, two visitors

They arrived in winter and left in summer, but only stayed two full days. Such are the extremes of Austrian weather we spent one day in the thundering snow and the second in glorious sunshine.

Mum and Pat’s rail trip from Zurich, where they visited Anna and Roman, to Upper Austria was a short break but we filled it up as much as we could.

After arriving late evening on the Thursday we headed up Grunberg the following day. Ignoring the falling snow the cable car carried us up to the top of the mountain and essentially we walked to the restaurant, had a hot chocolate and then headed down again. The views never materialised out of the grey which was a shame but a last taste of winter for all. In the mountains it was snow and then in the town, rain – not a great start,

Going through the snow/sleet on the cable car
Top of Grünberg

However, day 2 was much improved and the sun shone all day for the visit to Hallstatt. A small town around an hour from Gmunden on the train, it is a popular tourist attraction. A trip on a boat across the lake from the train station docks you in the small but beautiful main town area. Featuring several churches, waterfalls and more restaurants and cafes than you could possibly wish for it is a really pleasant place to spend a day.


The famous salt in all its varieties




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