Oh Vienna….

So, the big 4-0 was approaching and we were off to Vienna for the weekend. Little did I know that there were surprises in store for me. Dan was working during the day so I was sent on ahead to the hotel. We were staying at the Hilton thanks to Ed’s mate’s rates and I thought I was going to have an afternoon of indulgence and relaxation, i.e. slobbing around the room drinking beer and watching TV.

No sooner had I taken my shoes off when there was a knock at the door. Guess who? Mam & dad paying a surprise visit! I hadn’t got over that when 2 minutes later there was another knock at the door and Ste showed up!!  I was gobsmacked! What a surprise!! Over lunch the tale and conspiracy unfolded with stories of e-mails flying around between Austria, the UK and Canada and how last-minute flights were booked!

Family portrait at dinner

So our weekend consisted of catching up, lots of walking around the city interspersed with many coffee and cake stops as well as dinner and wine. The first afternoon we mooched around the museum quarter and marvelled at all the amazing buildings, followed by meeting Dan in a random pub before having a late meal.

The next day we met up in front of the impressive Rathaus where a massive ice-skating rink had been opened, presumably for Christmas period. It was still going strong with lots of people on the ice or just chilling out having snacks at one of the numerous wooden stalls that were nearby. Typical organised Austria that even the ice-skating rink had one-way signs and systems!


We then made our way up to Schönbrunn Palace. It was a bit nippy but we walked up to the top to get an overview of the Palace – again pretty impressive! After that it was certainly time for another coffee and cake.

So, the day of the big birthday and we met up at the National Opera House and had a guided tour. We were told that you could hire out one of the small tea-rooms for about 5oo euros which I didn’t think was too bad actually. Not sure why Dan hadn’t done it already?! It’s all very grandiose and as opulent as you would imagine and we saw the stagehands setting up the evenings performance (it changes every day!)


A little bit more wandering, a couple more beers or glasses of wine and the weekend was almost over. We said goodbye to Dan then Ste whilst mam & dad and I tootled off to the famous Cafe Central right in the heart of the city to have a last piece of cake. What better way to spend a birthday?  I was certainly surprised and had lovely weekend! Thanks guys! 🙂 xxx


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