How twee can an Austrian Christmas be?

Christmas markets are up and running in Gmunden so what better than a staff night out and some mulled wine to keep us warm through a cold night and Krampus ‘attacks’ (sorry no pictures on this blog of the Krampus I’m afraid). Dancing bar staff and locals singing local Austro/German ballads kept things lively and ensured spirits were high (and consumed).

The biggest Xmas Market is in the castle grounds in Gmunden and on Sunday we headed across there to see what it was all about. Essentially it’s a craft fair with lots and lots of food and drink stalls. Each stall is owned by a separate group, from businesses through to sports clubs and all selling the same meat and bread appetisers with a warming beverage.


More stalls to eat and drink at
Floating Nativity Scene

A train journey back to the Rathuas Platz (Gmunden town square) helped us escape the full force of the -3 temperatures but didn’t help bring feeling back to our feet!

All aboard the slow train

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