One of the joys of being back in Europe is being able to watch live music again. While Lou was away in the UK I managed to get back to Bratislava to see a gig and when she returned we headed to Linz to see Canadian punk-rockers Billy Talent.

A full-house packed inside the Posthof to watch the main event and there was a lively atmosphere with everyone bouncing around.


Lou survived her first ‘punk’ gig and the next day we dragged our sore bodies (oh the calves ached from all the pogoing) around the centre of Linz. Mariendom Cathedral is the biggest in Austria, has some impressive stained-glass windows and can accommodate around 20,000 people. But such a cavernous space is not easy to heat and even the most devout would struggle to spend too long kneeling in prayer position as the cold would make it impossible to get up! The Christmas markets were also up and running and gave us a slightly different December experience after three years in Bahrain.


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