So off to Salzburg for a weekend to check out what all the fuss is about. Famed for the beauty of its UNESCO-recognised historic town centre and being the birthplace of Mozart, the city features heavily in any travellers itinerary if they happen to be in central Europe.

A multitude of churches, museums, cafes and bars dominate the old town scenery and all of them equally as attractive as the next. There’s catacombs to explore, markets to wander through, the oldest bakery in the city and more Mozart themed products than you thought possible. Dominating and overlooking all is the Hohensalzburg Fortress, which is over 900 years old and houses a series of museums while allowing you to take an audio guided tour of the entire premises.

A small masterpiece the town centre is bordered on one side by the river Sazach with its series of attractive bridges and around the castle are a selection of trails which allow you to walk through the woods up from the town through the fortress and then back down to the other end of town. There, handily, is an old monastery where many years ago the monks started to brew their own beer and the tradition still remains today. For the price of three Euros one can get themselves a pint of Monk’s Brew (I just made up the name of the beer – I’ve no idea what it is called). I could become a religious convert if this happened everywhere!

Most of the tourists head for the old town but the walkways along the river are also beautiful; lined by oak trees and then, on the other side of the river, where most people stay as the accommodation is cheaper, is the wonderfully colourful Mirabelle Gardens which really need to be visited in the summer when all the plants are flowering.



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