Climb every mountain

So what better with a few days off than a hike in the mountains? The first trail we decided to attack was die Grabler – Panorama – Wanderung which was basically a walk from the holiday apartment around Gmundnerberg, which although only 12 km incorporated lots of ups and a few downs.

The walk took us through shaded forests, past amazing houses and farms as well as giving us beautiful views in every direction. The trails are usually just small roads although the chances of passing a vehicle is minimal. In fact, we hardly saw anyone else and started to wonder where everyone was although later on we did see a few more people out and about.

Selfie time


By the end of the walk, we could certainly feel we’d done some exercise. We’d probably done more walking that afternoon than what we’d do in a couple of days in Bahrain. Back at the apartments, time to relax with a cup of tea and biscuits to refresh ourselves. 🙂


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