A Taste of Turkey

We headed for a ten-day break to Turkey at the end of term 3 looking for a bit of down time and a chance to do some scuba diving. After leaving BHR at 2:30 in the morning we arrived at our resort in Bodrum at around 11am tired and ready to sleep rather than holiday.
A lot of time spent lounging around the pool followed enjoying the all-inclusive drinks and food and trying desperately to avoid the ‘entertainment’ and organised fun. Turkey is clearly suffering from a lack of tourists due to the political row with Russia and ongoing terrorist attacks and it was largely Brits and Turks that populated the resort – needless to say tattoos and body fat abounded.



Holidaymakers 🙂
We spent a day at Bodrum Castle – which doubles as the Underwater Maritime Museum. Unfortunately, we timed it slightly wrong and spent our time walking around in the midday sun while most of the shipwrecks and underwater displays were closed for lunch!! However, the castle does provide some lovely views across the city and the bay.
Quaint, colourful cottages in Bodrum
Three days diving followed in the (comparatively) cold waters of the Mediterranean. It’s a totally different diving experience to our previous adventures. Due to the temperature of the water there is very little coral and the major attractions are artificial – sunken ships and an aeroplane. Yes, a plane – a sunken C47 Dakota to be specific. It’s quite weird seeing a plane emerge out of the murk, it’s as out of place as a EU remain supporter at the recent Brexit vote would have felt at our Turkish resort.
Lots of sunbathing and a walk up to the ‘windmills’ followed but it was, all in all, a very unenergetic holiday, but don’t worry we’re planning something more active for August!


Bodrum Marina



Time to leave

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