Chinese New Year

Another weekend in Bahrain and we decided to head North to Amwaj. This artificial island is all made from reclaimed land and is centred around a lagoon with loads of cafes and restaurants.

We met up with James, Larissa and Lilush here and after checking out some classic cars that had parked up nearby we decided to head to the ‘Tea Club’; a posh cafe where about a hundred different teas from all over the world are on offer. However, with an average price of around 6GBP for a cuppa, we decided to make a swift exit and find somewhere cheaper.


Somewhere cheaper could definitely be the new Chinese mall called Dragon City. This new development is only just opening up but seems to offer cheap and cheerful products and reminded us of Borneo shopping malls. Prices were low but I do wonder how long things would last for! Anyway, the place was popular with Chinese and Bahraini’s and because of Chinese New Year there were hourly displays of traditional Chinese dancing, martial arts as well as the inevitable Chinese Dragons.


We then headed back to another new area of development between Dragon City and Amwaj called Marassi Al Bahrain. Again, this is all built on reclaimed land and you can see that a lot of money is being invested into the area. At the moment the beach front is the main attraction with play areas for kids as well as a cafe but they are building flats and of course another shopping mall or two.


We had a really nice afternoon strolling along the beach and testing out food and drink from the different food vans, but it was still a bit windy and chilly as the evening came in. Some brave souls were trying out paddle-boarding, there was a cross-fit event and even free camel rides on the beach.

Yes, we were surprised to see a camel on the beach too!
Lilush enjoying the camel ride
Looking back towards the city

Our main thought was ‘how long will this stay clean for?’ since at the moment not many people seem to be aware of the area, but once word gets out it may become ruined with  people dumping things and litter everywhere. Hopefully not though, fingers crossed.

I’m sure we will be back in a couple of weeks when the weather has warmed up just a little bit more and we can enjoy the beaches again and perhaps even get into the water!




One thought on “Chinese New Year

  1. terrykirk

    Hi Daniel and Louise,

    Its all very well reclaiming all this land to expand,

    But this is probably why all our sea levels are going up and the UK getting more and more floods(ha ha)!!

    You think its still chilly where you are, good job you are not in the UK at the moment!! When Bertie cocks

    his leg the pee freezes before it reaches the ground!!

    Love to you both


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