A very grown up affair

This is how the Domain Restaurant in the Diplomatic Quarter advertises its Friday Brunches, which basically means no kids are allowed.

So, off we went on a Friday afternoon for an all-you-can eat and drink extravaganza. The restaurant is on the 34th floor and looks out on a different side of Bahrain than from our flat. We had views over Juffair and across to Muharraq, overlooking the National Museum and we could even watch the planes coming in to land.

The range of food is amazing and it’s all beautifully presented.



We came to the conclusion that the Domains Friday Brunch is very much like a wedding reception; everyone starts off very formal, in their fancy clothes but after a couple of hours with the band playing and the drinks flowing it starts to turn in to the evening do with new friends strutting their stuff on the make-shift dance floor.

Once the ‘lunch’ has finished, everyone makes their way up to the next floor to the bar, where there is another band, more karaoke and a crowd deteriorating into drunkenness. This is escapism for the KSA crew as many people drive across the causeway for a one-stop shop – eat, drink and sleep in the same place.

The business district at sunset


Looking north out to sea, the H shaped building is the Four Seasons Hotel

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