So the first blog post is from our December trip:

Finally, Christmas holidays arrived and we got to spend our honeymoon fund on a trip to Zanzibar. We spent ten days on the island, most of them on the east coast in a lovely resort and the final two days in the UNESCO world-heritage area called Stone Town.

In the decade we have been taking holidays together this was the first time we have ever been on a  package holiday and we were a bit worried it might be too much like organised fun at the resort but it was not a problem and in the end we found it very relaxing.

Our time there mainly involved a lot of reading and working on the tans. The daily game of beach volleyball and happy hour cocktails were also personal favourites – I’ll let you guess which one of us was playing sport and which one of us was drinking cocktails!!!!

The amount of food at the resort was staggering, along with all the different evening specials; we were treated to Italian, Asian, Zanzibari, Indian as well as a huge Christmas Eve dinner including ostrich, suckling pig and crocodile along with the usual turkey of course. Christmas morning (and many other mornings) we were greeted at breakfast with a glass of champagne and every afternoon was tea-time with crepes and waffles.

During the day the resort offered things to do such as Swahili language and cooking classes and every evening there was some type of entertainment from acrobatic demonstrations, traditional Tarab music and Maasai displays.

We did get out and about a bit while we were at the resort. There was a day diving at nearby Mnemba Atoll where we returned to the water after a two year absence which meant a short refresher course the day before in the pool. The fish life was very good, there was lots to see (sharks, frogfish, eels, scorpion fish) but the coral is very bleached and pretty dead, but it was lovely to be back in the game.



There was also the village tour (interesting) and the coral reef tour (not interesting and full of people who feel that touching a creature in its natural habitat is exactly what that animal needs).

In addition we did a spice tour which is when the locals show you round a spice farm and show you all the plants and explain the process of making them into spices. We saw pineapples, coconuts, cocoa plant, cloves, pepper, cinnamon, ginger and so many more. The smells were incredible.

Then there was the tour to Jazani Nature Reserve which is the last refuge of the critically endangered Zanzibari Red Collobus Monkey and a visit to Joriefa Park where we got intimate with snakes.

Stone Town was much more like a city-break. We managed to take a trip out to Prison Island to meet the current inhabitants – giant Madagascan tortoises who loved nothing more than a bit of a neck and chin tickle.

We did a city tour with a local guide who told us about the history and how they made the houses out of coral stone in the days before the practice was banned.

There was also the Slave Trade Museum where you again tip a local guide to take you round and tell you some of the history.Nowadays the Anglican Christ Church, the biggest place of worship for Christians on the island, sits on the site of the old slave market and whipping post. You can still see some of the original holding cells where slaves were kept before being taken to market and there is a rather disturbing monument representing the history of slavery in Zanzibar.

At the end of our holiday we felt super-relaxed and it was just what we had needed. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to our “Honeymoon Fund” – it was a place we had wanted to go to for years and you made it possible 🙂

We hope you have enjoyed seeing a small part of it. If you want to see even more photos you can always check out





4 thoughts on “Zanzibar

  1. jeffandvalhamblin

    Lovely to see you on the move again. Thoroughly enjoyed the holiday with you. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

    Love, Val, Jeff and Jessie xx

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